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New Year, New Beginnings

Happy New Year, Mommas!🥂

Can you believe that 2021 came and went in a flash! Like, HOW?!

I know 2021 may still feel a lot (or a little for some) like 2020 but I am hoping and praying for the best to come in 2022!

Hang in there, Momma!
The past couple of years have been rough, but You are still here, and you have kept your child, your family, and your home together. Even though you are hanging by a thread and holding yourself together with tape and glue. You have come this far and you know that giving up will never be a part of your plan.

Day 1 of 365
And so with new beginnings, we see ourselves looking forward to silver linings. The joy and hope that come with each new day, new month, and new year. We welcome them with our biggest smiles praying for better days with all our might. We know that we have to do our best to always show up, no matter what.

Planning Makes Perfect
New Year gives us that nudge to start something over, create new goals, make new plans, but we, mommas, are always busy thinking and planning (even if it’s not the start of the year!) – what food to eat, clothes to wear, chores to do, work or school tasks to complete, and the list goes on! And so if you are like me, you enjoy the idea to have a calendar to help you organize, write, plan, or just something to doodle all over. And with you in mind plus these reasons I’ve mentioned, I made these chic printable calendars! And if you want to use them digitally, that is fine, too!

These are FREE for you to print or use digitally. There’s a little favor that I would like to ask, though.. Send some love and tag me on Instagram when you do use them! I would love to see your ideas, plans, and journey throughout the year because that will inspire and motivate me, too!!

Here you go and write your thoughts away, mommas!

WOOHOOO! I am so ecstatic to start this new year with you! Grab and get these printed and start planning your January to set the vibes for an awesome and wonderful 2022!

Tag your momma friend, too! Because Sharing is Caring!

With Much Love,