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One Super Fun and Hoppy Easter!

Portrait of a cute and tender, lovely blond woman celebrating Easter day look dreamy up with pleased smile, holding easter painted eggs, wear bunny ears. Photo created by benzoix.

Many Christians celebrate Easter Sunday as the day to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ a time to celebrate new life

Easter is the most important, joyful, and oldest festival of the Christian Church and is one of the holidays that we look forward to. It is the time when my daughter would ask for her bunny ears, bunny dress, bunny shirt, and PJs – anything bunny! And if you celebrate Easter like us, you will be familiar with the holiday’s traditions, including the Easter bunny, going on egg hunts, coloring or painting eggs, and making bunny cupcakes! 

Fun Fact: It is believed that eggs are associated with Easter because they symbolize rebirth.

So, yes! We get giddy over holidays like Easter because there are lots of Fun Indoor and Outdoor Easter activities to choose from, depending on your preference and resources. Last year, my daughter spent Easter holiday painting eggshells and making an egg mosaic masterpiece! This year, we decided to make our DIY Easter Bunny Cheesecake Cups!🐰

Let’s hop, skip, and bunny jump to this delightful Easter Activity in making DIY Easter Bunny Cheesecake Cups led by my lovely baby bunny! 

First, wash your hands and prepare all the ingredients and baking tools needed.

The Ingredients

The Bunny Cheesecake Cup Ingredients
  1. Cheesecake cup or cupcake with plain frosting
  2. Marshmallows (White)
  3. Whipped cream
  4. Pink food color
  5. Sugar
  6. Colorful and Edible Round and Rod Sprinkles

The Easy-Peasy Steps

1. Get a cheesecake cup or cupcake with plain frosting (any color of your choice but we prefer having the white frosting) and set it aside.

2. Mix the Whipped cream with pink food color for the bunny ears.

3. Ask your mom or dad or your guardian to help in cutting the Marshmallows diagonally to make the ears. Then brush or paint the middle part using the Pink Whipped cream mixture.

4. Dip and coat the painted middle part in sugar. Then repeat steps 3 and 4 for the other ear.

5. Place the ears on the cheesecake cup.

6. Decorate using the edible Sprinkles. We used the pastel-colored round ones to make the bunny nose and the rods for the whiskers. You can mix and match the colors! 

7. Repeat steps 1 to 6 to make more! Remember: Make it look good and super yummy! And don’t forget to have FUN!

And ta-da! Our DIY Easter Bunny Chocolate Cheesecake Cups are ready! Dig in and enjoy!🐰

Meet My Baby Bunny with her Bunny Cheesecake Cups!

BONUS ACTIVITY: After making the bunny cheesecake cups, play Easter Bunny hunting (Your kid as the Bunny) with Mommy and Daddy!

Found my baby bunny! LOL!

No matter how you plan on spending the Easter holiday, always remember that what truly matters is the time you are spending with your kids and ensuring that they are having tons of FUN! And last, but certainly not least, observe the holiday by attending services at your church. And just like Christmas, reflect that Christ is the reason for today’s season!

Hope you all have a very wonderful and hoppy Easter just as much as we did!👯‍♀️