The Crazy and Cozy Life of a Mom

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I never knew I wanted to be a mom until I became one. 

Unplanned Motherhood
The moment we knew we were expecting, I was ambivalent. I have to be honest, being pregnant with my child was not planned. It was not an easy journey but I enjoyed every bit of it (especially all the privileges that came with it. lol) and overcame every struggle with the help of the whole cast of my support system, which includes my husband, family, and dear friends.

“Unplanned does not mean unwanted or unloved.
It just means life knew what I needed before even I did.”

The Most Amazing Feeling In the World
My first trimester was awful! I had full-on morning sickness! I remember having a difficult time going to work because of being nauseous all the time, that I had to spend almost every hour in the restroom. (Yikes!) But that phase ended as soon as I felt – for the first time – the tiny kick of the active little fella inside me. It was such a soothing sensation and a pleasant reminder that I am not alone, even for just a few months.

Welcoming Our Little One
Everything happened in a blur but every moment is still clear in my mind. It was Thursday morning when my whole labor journey began. We weren’t expecting that this will be the big day because apart from the fact that I’m 2-weeks early to be in labor, I also haven’t felt any labor pain, except for the feeling of uncomfortable pressure and sensation on my lower back. (Thank God!) Later that night, we decided to go to the hospital for me to get checked as the contractions intensified. But since we thought it’s not time yet, we didn’t bring our hospital bag (lol). And to our and our OB-Gyn’s surprise, by the time we got into the hospital, I was already 6 cm dilated; 80% effaced and welcomed our lovely baby girl at 2:36 Friday morning.

The Crazy and Cozy Life of a Mom
As of writing, motherhood still gives me that mixed feelings at all levels! Becoming a mother made me feel exhausted, overwhelmed, frantic, yet happy, elated, empowered, and invincible – all at once. 

But I still think that being a mom is a wonderful feeling. It’s crazy how we, as moms, can…

Be happy in a minute then crying the other.
Get mad at our little ones and comforting them the next.
Feel scared of the whole motherhood thought and journey, but at the same time excited.

And I get it, Momma, it is overwhelming to experience these helluva rollercoasters of emotions – all at the same time! It is acceptable for you to feel this way because you’ve just brought another human being into the world and you’re unprepared for all the things that come so suddenly. 

And this leads me to my “Why” in giving birth to TheCrazyCozyMom. I wanted to share, inspire, and tell you, momma, that it’s okay to go crazy sometimes over the littlest of things when it concerns our child. And that we need to be there for each other because no one understands better the in and out, the good and the bad sides of motherhood, than us – moms

So join me in my mission to build a haven for Moms to be inspired, empowered, equipped, take that much-needed break, and stay connected with the Crazy Cozy mommas around the globe.

And I welcome you all to my page as we take a full-on MomVenture in embracing Mommahood and Everything in Between!